New Style !  Octagonal  EVO Fake Suppressor.

This is our new CZ EVO specific FAUX Barrel Extension designed for use with a free float style rail.
  Fits perfect on any EVO Barrel or Rail length.
Designed to simply slide over the barrel and attach to the rear portion or barrel stub ahead of the trunnion.  Fits ALL thread type guns. Gen 1 and Gen 2.  Quality made from billet 6061 Anodized Aluminum with a Chrome Moly barrel liner and Hot Tanked blued mount.
Designed to cover the standard EVO pistol barrel length of  7.75 Inches but will cover and work with shorter barrels as well.  Simply remove the flash hider , slide the Faux Can over the barrel, align to rail and snug  one  tension screw.   Can be installed and removed without taking rail off ( HB Industries rail tested)  Overall length for the standard Pistol length barrel is 6.25 inches and weighs apx 11 OZ
(Will NOT work with the standard factory rail . FREE FLOAT STYLE ONLY)   Shown with HB Industries  Micro K 4.25 In Rail

                                             ( Shorter "K" models available )
Dealer discounts available in QTY

K Model on a 5.5" K Barrel ( For comparson)
Includes the Faux Suppressor and Hex Wrench ONLY ! ( No Gun, No Rail )

    $139.00   plus shipping
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