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These are high quality custom made Fake suppressors for the standard carbine and Mini UZI.
They are constructed as ONE piece welded barrel shrouds with NO internal access. No removable end caps or access to any open volume.
They contain NO baffles and do nothing to reduce noise levels.

They ARE just like a real suppressor in looks, feel and quality. Not a piece of plastic or steel tube with a UZI nut shoved in it !

Features incorporated in our product include
Hardened Steel mount with original UZI designed ratchet type retaining teeth.
6061 Aluminum casing, Heavy duty Chrome Moly steel barrel liner.
Fake cap grooves and spanner wrench holes. Will slide over any standard 9mm UZI barrel, center and tighten like a real suppressor.
Have a SBR or SMG  but no CAN yet ? These are designed to index on and be shot through with that stubby barrel. It WILL NOT MELT !

Our short (9.5 overall) model to cover the standard Carbine 16 barrel, a 10.75" for the 16" Mini UZI, and a longer 14.75
to cover that ugly 19.75" Mini UZI barrel.  All models are 1.5" OD with weights from 13 to 20 oz. (see additional listings)

  The Body is Anodized a rich black matte and has a black/blue oxide steel mount. NEW two tone styles now available! (see additional listings)

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This is our new Fluted UZI Fake Suppressor with a slotted front end. Steel mount and chrome moly barrel liner slides over your existing 16" Carbine barrel and replaces the Barrel nut with a original style mount with ratchet teeth. Hot tanked oxide on the mount with a 1.5" OD Black Anodized 6061 aluminum wrapping. One piece sealed construction with no open volume and no sound reduction. 9.5" long overall, apx 13oz. Cover that long ugly barrel and make that UZI look like it should look. Fits all original and clone Full Size models with a 16" barrel. The BEST made !  Dealer discounts available in QTY
$149.00 + $7.95 shipping
(PA residents pay 6% tax
UZI Deluxe Fluted Fake Suppressor 16" Carbine
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