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FN PS90 Faux Suppressor
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                                            This is a newly designed Barrel Cover Fake Suppressor for the FN PS90 Carbine.
These will cover that long ugly barrel and give your Carbine a SBR/Suppressor look with no tax stamp. We took a different approach in our design combining a 6061 light weight alum shell with a steel inner liner and  rear mount. Unlike the others out there that are just bored out Aluminum tubes, the steel liners and mounts in ours has no ammo restrictions do to crud sticking to the aluminum bore and the steel mounts allow pinning and welding in states that need longer overall length. The front is open with no reduction in hole size to prevent crud from building up and to eliminate any question of a baffle effect. These can be slid forward to any length required to meet local laws. Easy install with two steel C- clips held in place with two set screws. No Screws dig into your barrel shrouds! The steel is black hot tank finished with all Aluminum Black anodized. We have also managed to keep the weight down to 11 Oz in deference to the delayed unlock design in the spring loaded barrel on this model. These measure apx 7.25" long and 1.5" Diameter.. Simply slide on, insert the two clips and snug the two tension screws.  Simply the BEST made. !
                                                                                              Made in USA by TitleIIArms
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